Smart bracelet has become a new trend on campus?

One person, one hand ring

The society of the 21st century is an intelligent society, and the smart bracelet is a vivid example of the increasingly prominent intelligent society. Recently, smart bracelets introduced by many schools generally include functions such as Alipay payment, alarm clock, classroom attendance, and healthy posture characteristics. At the same time, many schools are lack of physical health education methods, and the acquisition of health data is still at the artificial level. It is difficult to accumulate and analyze big data and lack modern advanced technology and system platforms as support. The campus intelligent perception system solves this problem well in the form of a smart bracelet. It not only provides the school with all-weather personnel movement analysis data, including: the location information of the school personnel, the physical sign data of the tested personnel, heart rate, body temperature, Blood pressure and respiratory rate, etc., but also can be used in students' daily physical health testing.

The campus bracelet moves towards "big platform, big expansion"

With the gradual improvement of the level of science and technology, science and technology continue to surprise us in education. The establishment of the smart campus system, after repeated tests and optimization and expansion, not only integrates attendance data, body temperature, resource platform and other systems, but also meets the needs of new curriculum reforms, and also facilitates the "working class" teaching management.

Research and application of smart bracelets are being carried out on campus. However, in general, the use of colleges and universities is relatively small, and it is implemented more in many middle schools. Many schools still only try to use smart bracelets in the sports field, but in fact, the application of smart bracelets can be broader.

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