Is it necessary to buy sports bracelets?

Scene one

Going for a morning run and a night run in a light outfit, panting and sweating after running but I do not know how to adjust it?

Sports bracelet real-time heart rate monitoring, you can view the pace, running distance, calorie consumption and other data on the APP, giving you professional guidance and suggestions to help you make better adjustments. So you can start exercising anytime, anywhere.

Scene two:

Go swimming and fitness, found that the mobile phone is inconvenient or unable to carry, but want to know your sports situation after the end to get sports guidance and suggestions?

50 meters waterproof sports bracelet, swimming stroke recognition, lap statistics, single lap data analysis, etc., accompany you to the mountains and the sea.

Scene three:

I set an alarm clock and told myself to get up early, but I have not wakened up my roommates, and I feel very embarrassed?

The sports bracelet lightly vibrates and intelligently wakes you up, without affecting other people.

Scene four:

I mute my mobile phone in class during the self-study meeting, but then I forgot to call it back and missed important news?

Sports bracelet phone information WeChat QQ message intelligent reminder, no longer worry about missing important information.

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