2020 high quality bluetooth watch

I think it should mainly focus on the following aspects:

1. Performance: Technology is always improving. Some of the current functions have been accepted by users. In the future, there may be more useful functions that can be developed. The main points are as follows:

1. With the increase of battery density, if it can have higher energy in a limited volume, then many functions with higher power consumption can be completed, then it can be completed, for example, projection technology can be used to effectively solve the display screen Too small a problem. There are other functions such as GPS, which can be completely implemented on the watch.

2. Better operability, such as implementing related operations and instructions through voice, which is undoubtedly better than a full touch screen.

3. More useful functions. For example, if functions such as accurate measurement of blood pressure and blood sugar can be achieved, then there is no doubt that smart watches will be accepted and used by more people.

In fact, in terms of functions, some occasional events will greatly increase the stickiness of some functions. For example, due to the "new crown virus" this year, temperature measurement has become an essential function of smart watches.

2. In addition to its functions, the watch can also increase in the direction of a traditional watch. Traditional watches have already ended their timekeeping mission, but there is still a huge demand for traditional watches. What is the reason?

The traditional watch has long become an accessory, a product that embodies the charm of one's personality and is equipped with a tower. A man needs one or two watches, while a woman needs multiple watches to decorate his clothing. Therefore, smart watches can also be designed to make good-looking watches.

In fact, some manufacturers are already aware of this problem. Dongguan AOKE Electronic Co., Ltd. is such a company. The company has its own R&D team. They not only have many years of electronic product design capabilities, software and hardware engineering, engineers with APP development capabilities, but also engineers who have been doing traditional watches for many years. They can complete the design including ID, MD and UI. The company's goal is to design "high-performance, high-value" smart watches, and they have already had many models that have gained huge popularity in the market.

I think that the convenience of smart watches, coupled with the "high performance, high-value" features of smart watches, may be the "future" of Bluetooth smart watches.

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