New Product R2 Smart Ring Heart rate monitor Inteligentny pierścień

Chipset: Import Nordic NRF52832

PPG Chip: HX3605

Color: Black, White

Materials: Ceramic + Stainless steel

Waterproof: IP68

APP: SmartHealth

Electrostatic standard: Touch ± 6KV, Air ± 10KV

Indicator light: 

Charging - Red light ; 

Full Charged - Green light ;

BT Connect - Green light flashes 3 times ;

Low power - Red light flashes 2 times.

Working time: 5-7days

Standby time: 60days

Power off standby time: 180days

  • Functions:

    * Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen monitoring.

    * Multi Sport mode, Steps, Calorie, Distance.

    * Sleep monitoring, Automatic Health monitoring.

    * Self-check function, Automatic recovery function.

    * Fast/Slow broadcast switchover function etc.

    Accuracy rate for Step count: ≥95%

    Accuracy rate for Sleep monitoring: ≤1hour

    Accuracy rate for Heart rate: ±5bpm

    Accuracy rate for Heart oxygen: ±3%

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