New 1.43" Bluetooth Call Can be Customized NFC Smartwatch, Ture SpO2, (ordinary access control, business card phone and other functions)

Can be customized NFC (ordinary access control, business card phone and other functions)

Chipset: RTL876EWE

Display: 1.43-inch IPS color screen

Fuselage Material: Zinc alloy ABS+PC spray

APP: FunKeep

  • Function

    •  Dual Bluetooth chip call model, bracelet to play Bluetooth music and Bluetooth calls. 100+ sports modes, heart rate detection, blood pressure detection, eublood oxygen detection, pedometer (bracelet to view recent data records), can be customized NFC (ordinary access control, business card phone and other functions)
    • Time and date display, step counting, calorie, distance with screen display, bracelet 50 communication contacts function,SOS, calculator.
    • Sleep monitoring (sleep time, sleep quality),Alipay function is optional
    • Standard movement function (step counting, distance, calories), GPS track movement
    • There are cellular and rotary, array three menu effects, mechanical digital dial five, with mass dial and custom dial, 20 message storage reminder to view, sliding adjustment to increase or decrease volume and brightness.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your day's heart rate changes while saving the heart rate curve in APP

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood pressure changes, check your blood pressure, put your arms flat

  • Time Display

    Time Display

  • Pedometer


    Smart watches can record your steps, distance traveled and energy consumed

  • Multisport Tracker

    Multisport Tracker

    Walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming (heart rate, steps, calories, distance, APP GPS track history route)

  • Sleep Monitor

    Sleep Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your sleep time at night, deep sleep time, light sleep time

  • Alarm clock

    Alarm clock

    Users can customize multiple alarm events

  • IP67 Waterproof Level

    IP67 Waterproof Level

    3 meters waterproof, can swim, no use in hot steam or hot water environment

  • APP


  • Anti-lost


    Turn on the anti-lost function, when the phone is separated from the smart watch (10m), the phone and the bracelet alarm

  • Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood oxygen value

  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast

    Connect to the mobile app to automatically push the weather forecast

  • Message Reminder

    Message Reminder

    Sync phone information to your watch

  • Activity Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    Track your health data in real time

  • Step Distance Tracker

    Step Distance Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

  • Notification



  • Full Screen Touch

    Full Screen Touch

    Use your finger to swipe left or right on the screen or swipe up and down to switch menus, double-click the icon to enter the menu

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