M18Plus ECG PPG Blood Oxygen Temperature Monitor Smart Watch Electrocardiogram Respiratory Rate SmartWatch

M18plus is the latest smart watch. Powerful function, stylish appearance, Temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory rate, ECG + PPG combined with ECG AI medical diagnosis and so on, please see details.

-Bracelet size:46*12.8*240MM

-Colors:Black,Brown,Gray,Pink, Blue

  • Product Parameter

    • Product Model:M18PLUS
    • Master Chip:Nordic52832
    • Blood oxygen:Ti AFE4404 + 2*OSRAM 2703+OSRAM LED 
    • Temperature sensor:CT1711 array 
    • ECG chip:Ti 129X 
    • PPG chip:Ti AFE4404 +2*OSRAM 2703
    • Virbation:Loundspeaker Mute/Vibration 
    • Waterpfoof Level:IP68 
    • Screen Size :1.3 Color screen 240*240 
    • Screen Type: IPS TFT 
    • BLuetooth:4.2BLE(Low power)
    • Battery Type:Polymeter Lithium Battery 
    • Battery Capcaity:240mAh
    • Charging Type:Magnetic absorption
    • Charging Time:About 3-4 hours 
    • Endurance Time:Can use 6-13days、Standby Day:20-40days 
    • Manipulation Mode :Full touch control, mobile phone APP control
    • Compatible System:Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above  

    Special Features:Blood oxygen,Body temperature, electrocardiogram, respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen, AI medical diagnosis,
    Care Functions:Can share real-time data with families 

    Main Feature

    • Temperature monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, respiratory rate. ECG + PPG combined with ECG AI medical diagnosis.
    • Exercise function: step count / calories / distance,Multi Sport mode
    • Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring and other health functions
    • Remote care function    
    • Environmental friendly TPU hand to hand Wearable         
    • Wearable hardware + smart app + big data cloud service
    • Wear it with you and control, display and record data through app.
    • Super long endurance standby.

    Other Functions: Step, Calories, Distance, sleep monitor, sport, Call reminder, Alarm Reminder, Raise you hand the watch lightr, Social share (wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter,

    shake hand to take phonto

    App language, Chinese, English, traditional, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Thai, Russian            

    Firmware language: Chinese, English, traditional, Japanese, French, German, Italy, Spain, Russia, Portugal, Malaysia, Korean, Poland



    1*Charging cable


    1*Packing box

    Bracelet size:46*12.8*240MM
    Wristband color box: 160*90*30(mm)
    Outer box: 50 sets per box

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your day's heart rate changes while saving the heart rate curve in APP

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood pressure changes, check your blood pressure, put your arms flat

  • Time Display

    Time Display

  • Pedometer


    Smart watches can record your steps, distance traveled and energy consumed

  • Multisport Tracker

    Multisport Tracker

    Walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming (heart rate, steps, calories, distance, APP GPS track history route)

  • Sleep Monitor

    Sleep Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your sleep time at night, deep sleep time, light sleep time

  • Incoming call reminder

    Incoming call reminder

    Show the caller's number and name on the smart watch when the phone calls

  • Remote Camera

    Remote Camera

    After connecting the phone, the activity tracker remotely controls the phone to take a photo

  • Alarm clock

    Alarm clock

    Users can customize multiple alarm events

  • IP68 Waterproof level

    IP68 Waterproof level

  • APP


  • Anti-lost


    Turn on the anti-lost function, when the phone is separated from the smart watch (10m), the phone and the bracelet alarm

  • Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood oxygen value

  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast

    Connect to the mobile app to automatically push the weather forecast

  • Message Reminder

    Message Reminder

    Sync phone information to your watch

  • Step Distance Tracker

    Step Distance Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

  • Notification



  • Full Screen Touch

    Full Screen Touch

    Use your finger to swipe left or right on the screen or swipe up and down to switch menus, double-click the icon to enter the menu

  • ECG


    Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a technique for recording the electrical activity change pattern generated by each cardiac cycle of the heart from the body surface using an electrocardiograph.

  • Find Phone

    Find Phone

    Smartphones can be ringed by smart watch or smart bracelet

  • Temperature Smart Watch

    Temperature Smart Watch

    Thermometer on the wrist,body temperature monitoring

  • Sedentary reminder

    Sedentary reminder

    Set the sedentary time through the APP, automatically remind the user to be active every day.

  • Calorie Tracker

    Calorie Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

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