H60 1.69inch Women Bluetooth Calling Body Temperature Smart Watch

* RTK8762DK+AC6963A chip.                                                                                       

* 1.69 inch TFT HD screen, 240*280 pixel.                                                 

* Product materials: Zinc Alloy + ABS

* IP67 Waterproof.                                                                                         

* Color: Black, Black+blue, Silver+green, Silver+orange, Gold+purple, Gold+pink.   

* APP: DaFit

* Watch languages: CN, EN, DE, KR, RU, ES, PT, FR, JP, IT, Ukr, AR.

  • Functions:

     * Body Temperature Measuring.                                                                                  

    * Women Physiological period alert.                                                                            

    * Heart rate, Blood pressure, Blood oxygen monitoring.                                           

    * Weather, Music control, Sleep monitoring etc.                                                          

    * Multi Sport mode, Steps, Distance, Calorie etc.                                                          

    * Incoming call reminder, Message reminder etc.                                                        

    * Sedentary reminder, Shake for take picture, Timer.                                                    

    * With Flashlight, Find watch, Alarm, Stopwatch.                                                         

    * Drinking water reminder, Breath training, DND, OTA.                                               

    * Support download watch face from APP to watch.

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your day's heart rate changes while saving the heart rate curve in APP

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood pressure changes, check your blood pressure, put your arms flat

  • Time Display

    Time Display

  • Pedometer


    Smart watches can record your steps, distance traveled and energy consumed

  • Multisport Tracker

    Multisport Tracker

    Walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming (heart rate, steps, calories, distance, APP GPS track history route)

  • Sleep Monitor

    Sleep Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your sleep time at night, deep sleep time, light sleep time

  • Incoming call reminder

    Incoming call reminder

    Show the caller's number and name on the smart watch when the phone calls

  • Remote Camera

    Remote Camera

    After connecting the phone, the activity tracker remotely controls the phone to take a photo

  • Stopwatch



  • Alarm clock

    Alarm clock

    Users can customize multiple alarm events

  • IP67 Waterproof Level

    IP67 Waterproof Level

    3 meters waterproof, can swim, no use in hot steam or hot water environment

  • APP


  • Phone Call

    Phone Call

    Bluetooth watch Bluetooth connection mobile phone can answer or call, card inserted smart watch can answer or call directly

  • Anti-lost


    Turn on the anti-lost function, when the phone is separated from the smart watch (10m), the phone and the bracelet alarm

  • Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood oxygen value

  • Sedentary reminder

    Sedentary reminder

    Set the sedentary time through the APP, automatically remind the user to be active every day.

  • Female physiological period reminder

    Female physiological period reminder

    Science reminds women of physiological dates

  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast

    Connect to the mobile app to automatically push the weather forecast

  • Message Reminder

    Message Reminder

    Sync phone information to your watch

  • Bluetooth Smartwatch

    Bluetooth Smartwatch

    After the Bluetooth watch is connected to the mobile app, you can automatically answer the phone call and view the information.

  • Activity Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    Track your health data in real time

  • Step Distance Tracker

    Step Distance Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

  • Calorie Tracker

    Calorie Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

  • Notification



  • Watch Alarm

    Watch Alarm

  • Full Screen Touch

    Full Screen Touch

    Use your finger to swipe left or right on the screen or swipe up and down to switch menus, double-click the icon to enter the menu

  • Temperature Smart Watch

    Temperature Smart Watch

    Thermometer on the wrist,body temperature monitoring

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