SmartHealth F800 Smartwatch with Three High Laser Treatment Lower Blood Lipids Hypotensive Hypoglycemic Smart Watch


Chip manufacturers:RTK


Flash Memory:128K+128M

Screen size:1.3

Resolving power:360*360

Touch screen type:whole TP--COF

Acceleration sensor:STK8321


heart rate:OSRAM 2703+4404 combination

Temperature:Temperature sensor CT1711(Contact temperature measurement)

Battery type:Polymer lithium battery


  • -Motion:Step count, calories, distance, movement mode

    -Healthy:Body temperature, heart rate, ECG, true blood oxygen, blood pressure, adjuvant therapy, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring,

    automatic heart rate monitoring...

    -Social sharing:WeChat、QQ、LINE、Facebook、Twitter、KaoKao Talk、WhatsApp、Skype ...

    -Other:Wrist up bright screen, call reminder, SMS reminder, alarm clock reminder, shake a photo, mobile phone search ...

  • Heart Rate Monitor

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your day's heart rate changes while saving the heart rate curve in APP

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

    Blood Pressure Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood pressure changes, check your blood pressure, put your arms flat

  • Time Display

    Time Display

  • Pedometer


    Smart watches can record your steps, distance traveled and energy consumed

  • Multisport Tracker

    Multisport Tracker

    Walking, running, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, football, swimming (heart rate, steps, calories, distance, APP GPS track history route)

  • Sleep Monitor

    Sleep Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your sleep time at night, deep sleep time, light sleep time

  • Alarm clock

    Alarm clock

    Users can customize multiple alarm events

  • IP67 Waterproof Level

    IP67 Waterproof Level

    3 meters waterproof, can swim, no use in hot steam or hot water environment

  • APP


  • Anti-lost


    Turn on the anti-lost function, when the phone is separated from the smart watch (10m), the phone and the bracelet alarm

  • Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Blood Oxygen Monitor

    Activity tracker can monitor your blood oxygen value

  • Weather Forecast

    Weather Forecast

    Connect to the mobile app to automatically push the weather forecast

  • Message Reminder

    Message Reminder

    Sync phone information to your watch

  • Activity Tracker

    Activity Tracker

    Track your health data in real time

  • Step Distance Tracker

    Step Distance Tracker

    Activity tracker records your distance and energy consumption

  • Notification



  • Full Screen Touch

    Full Screen Touch

    Use your finger to swipe left or right on the screen or swipe up and down to switch menus, double-click the icon to enter the menu

  • ECG


    Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) is a technique for recording the electrical activity change pattern generated by each cardiac cycle of the heart from the body surface using an electrocardiograph.

  • Temperature Smart Watch

    Temperature Smart Watch

    Thermometer on the wrist,body temperature monitoring

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