Is the smart bracelet really smart?

The smart bracelet is a smart device that connects with Bluetooth and completes data interaction to monitor our physical condition and manage our daily behavior. It can be used to monitor and view personal health status, heart rate, sleep and other health data, and can also interact with mobile phones, view phone calls, WeChat messages and other notifications.

1. Applicable people

 Applicable crowd smart bracelet You must strictly say that he is indeed not a necessity of life. If you have a weak sense of self-management and do not have high requirements for quality of life, then there is really no need to buy. But whenever you have a little demand for quality of life and self-control, I recommend you to choose bracelet products. Because he is a relatively low threshold in smart wearable devices. However, the price/performance ratio of the bracelet is relatively low. He can only be used as an auxiliary viewing method when the mobile phone is inconvenient. The interactive experience is not very good. But fortunately, the price is cheap, which is about a hundred dollars. If you have high requirements for performance, interactive experience, and functions, turn left when you go out, and look at the smart watch.

2. Purchase points

The main core usage scenarios of the bracelet are sports fitness and daily wear. Combined with the application of the scene, let me talk about a few key points


Because the wearing time will be longer, the touch when wearing is very important. Now most of the bracelets on the market use silicone, but different grades of materials, there will still be differences and grades.


Battery life is also a very important factor. As long as the battery life is longer, it will avoid the pain of your non-stop charging. The mobile phone is already a device that needs to be charged daily, if the bracelet is still like this, how many chargers do you need to bring when you go far. Generally recommended battery life in 20-30 days. There are about 7 days on the market, I think it is unqualified.


The function should affect your experience most. General step statistics, sleep monitoring, and messages suggest that this should be the basic configuration. Don't pay too much attention, every family is similar. But heart rate monitoring is not available in every home. This should be paid attention to, especially for the elderly and parents. It is best to bring this feature.


It must be the choice of color screen, this is worthless. Don't choose cheap black and white screens. You will find that you will feel alive in the last generation. And the color screen brings a variety of dial experiences, making you interested in the freshness of the ring and more durable.