From the five functions of the smart bracelet, the five elements that should be paid attention to when choosing the smart bracelet

Generally speaking, smart bracelet is mainly used for the following five aspects:

1, see the time, waterproof

2. Movement monitoring;

3. Sleep quality tracking;

4. Background vibration to wake and remind;

5. Physical health and accident monitoring.

So what does it do?At present, the latest smart bracelet, built-in bluetooth 4.0 module, very low power consumption, can be maintained for a long time standby, built-in corresponding smart sensors, data acquisition

2. In terms of battery life, try to choose a battery that can last for about 15 days. If it is charged in 2-3 days, it is still troublesome.

3, most of the bracelet strap material, is made of silicone, silicone comfortable to wear, and our skin contact more soft, although they are the same material, but the price of a little more expensive bracelet, the comfort is still much better.

4, waterproof properties is also we have to consider, most intelligent hand ring support life waterproof, we see it mainly labeled waterproof level, now on the market intelligence bracelet, headset use puw waterproof breathable membrane, generally can reach IP67 waterproof, IP67 said in hand ring without damaged by outside force, inside the bracelet does not have dust, in no more than 1 m deep water, can protect bracelet within 30 minutes.

So IP67 is enough for us to use in daily life. If you are a swimmer, I suggest you buy a smart bracelet with a higher waterproof level

5, intelligent hand ring built-in sensors, according to the use of different groups, function have some differences, medical health monitoring bracelet will sleep quality, dynamic ecg, heart rate, blood pressure and other parameters, hand ring, for the elderly, will be monitoring alarm in time of real-time GPS location, accidental falls, etc., we can function direction does not choose wrong. 

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