Father's Day is the first smart watch you buy for your father

Silicone wristband, smart bracelet for watch appearance. Mobile phone vibration prompt push information, intelligent fast charging, lasting for 20 days. You don't need to take off your bracelet when taking a bath or swimming, you can easily waterproof. It only takes a moment to connect to the APP, and you can remotely control the mobile phone to shoot. 24-hour non-stop testing of health data.

Capacitive touch color screen, the function interface required for free switching by clicking is very convenient, and the material of the skin is not bound. The green light sensor LED lamp accurately analyzes the blood flow under the skin. The heart rate, blood oxygen, blood oxygen, and fatigue are checked by one key, and the detection speed is fast. Back clip type charging, charging is completed within 1-1.5 hours, safe and fast. Precise sleep quality monitoring, you can set exclusive vibration alarm clock.

The smart bracelet can monitor parents' blood pressure, heart rate, exercise status, sleep quality, etc. 24 hours, so that children can always know the health status of parents, provide data reference for disease prevention and improve physical fitness, so that every Father's Day can be healthy in the future Spend.