Digital people must be smart bracelet recommended

【 introduction 】

The B88 smart bracelet is equipped with a large touch screen, which can be used to perform various operations of the hand ring in a single stroke. It is easy to learn and looks very attractive.Such a large screen wearing on the wrist can not only achieve a number of functions, but also be able to connect to the smartphone, support WeChat, QQ, calls and other content display, even if you do not take out the phone, still can not read the message.

In addition to the screen, the B88 smart bracelet also supports running, cycling, walking and other fitness methods of real-time data show that even swimming, diving can still be, the depth of 50 meters waterproof can let you down a little deeper, through the bracelet can timely understand the heart rate, speed and other body state, so as to get a better state of exercise.Busy work or study makes sleep seem like an extravagant dream. The ork smart bracelet can accurately record the sleep information of each night, and the data of deep and light sleep can be presented through the mobile phone terminal.

[Advantages] high cost performance, rich function set, multi-color watchband optional, excellent quality assurance

[Defect] watchband can not be removed

【 introduction 】

CES12 intelligent bracelet with 32gb usb flash drive with close illicit, whether it's office, or movement is very convenient, it is waterproof IP67, wearing out for a swim it is no problem, you can put your office information in the U disk, not easy to lose, and exercise can wear it, it can measure heart rate, blood pressure information remind, no see mobile phone, you can check your sleep, have a deep sleep and shallow sleep, by connecting to a cellular phone, appearance vogue is novel, popular with many people! 

[Advantages] Office sports, color screen, fashion atmosphere 

[Defect] No phone calls