Digital economy development into the fast lane, smart bracelet and other sales growth momentum

In the face of the global spread of the epidemic, the Yangtze River Delta has taken the initiative to turn the crisis into an opportunity, and coordinated epidemic prevention and control and economic development.On the one hand, the "required questions" show the stability of the basic plate. On the basis of deepening industrial division of labor and cooperation within the region and accelerating industrial optimization and upgrading, Shanghai's economy is very resilient. Jiangsu has built "Factory of the World" version 2.0.On the other hand, the growth of the new economy, the construction of data centers all over the country in full swing, the development of the digital economy into the fast lane, the sales of smart bracelets, solar cells and other strong growth, higher quality development prospects are expected.

Putting people first and putting people's livelihood first is the starting point and goal of integrated development.With the continuous expansion of the Yangtze River Delta railway territory, joint efforts have been made to open the inter-provincial "guildroad", explore the seamless transfer of cross-provincial buses, and accelerate the flow of resources and talents through the "Rail Yangtze River Delta" and "digital Yangtze River Delta" under the connectivity of infrastructure.In addition, we will deepen cooperation in running medical institutions, build national regional medical centers, and carry out the first batch of trials of regional integration of elderly care, so that people can enjoy more convenient public services. 

In short, smart bracelet is the inevitable trend of future market development, we wait and see