Best running watch 2020: the best sports watches for running and workouts

The best running watch or multisport GPS watch will be a real step up if you have only used fitness trackers before. Unlike the more basic fitness trackers, a decent running watch has a range of features such as built-in GPS, accurate heart rate sensors and a range of other metrics so you can (over)analyse your performance as you exercise – in real time. 

Top running watches have the ability to track way more than just runs, some of them being capable to track activities such as cycling, swimming, rowing and loads more. You can even use them in the gym – or in your home gym – to track resistance training sessions, to varying degrees. 

If you're looking at ways to lose weight fast, using a running watch can also come in handy. Running watches track heart rate in real time, on your wrist, and are capable of estimating the calories you burned throughout the day, giving you a clearer picture of your energy needs. 

Running watches can also teach you how to run faster by calculating VO2 max levels, cadence and heart rate zones as you run.